Intro: Learning C# / MVC framework / Visual Studio

Each year I like to set some new goals for myself.  One of my goals for 2016 is to learn to code. I’d like to learn to be proficient in C# specifically with MVC framework.  I’ve decided to blog about my progress towards this goal.  My hope is that perhaps some of you will find some value in what I post along the way that might help you if you too are interested in learning to code.

For those of you who know me, you may know that learning to code is something I’ve been tinkering with on and off for a while.  From time to time I do some scripting (.bat files / PowerShell / Azure PowerShell etc) in my role as an I.T. Infrastructure Engineer.  A few years ago I played with Python for a bit…then I lost my mind and took a run at Objective-C for iOS. Last year, I decided I wanted to learn C#.

Initially, I took a look at some of the boot camp style programs that teach C#.  I actually live very near what appears to be a very good one.  However, I’m simply not at a place in life where I can dedicate myself fully to this.  So, the boot camp method is not currently a viable option for me. If it is for you, I’d suggest you strongly consider doing that.  I have no doubt that being immersed fully in learning would be a superior way to learn.  However, for me that just is not currently feasible.  So, my plan is to learn to code primarily through self paced resources such as books, videos etc.

Most recently (Q4 2015) I’ve been working on a C# MVC web app with a good friend of mine. For now, we will refer to him as Mr. Miyagi.  Mr. Miyagi agreed to take on a C# MVC web app project with me in order to help me learn.  I’m doing most of the project management / client communications / specs / qa etc and he is writing nearly all of the code.  He has been kind enough to let me watch and explain what he is doing while he codes.  This has been very helpful. He is a very experienced .Net developer, so just getting the chance to watch him work has taught me some good stuff for sure.  While watching him code much of what he is doing / explaining makes sense.  However, when I try to write code on my own,  I am currently as lost as a ball in tall weeds.  I’ve come to the conclusion that trying to operate at his level at my level of experience is essentially folly.

So, my 2016 goal to learn to code serves also as a bit of a reset for me.  I’m going to start from the ground up.  I’m going to learn the basics well and build on them until I can code proficiently at a higher level.

Currently, my plan is to post a weekly update on what I have learned and the resources I used to learn it.  If you are interested, feel free to follow along.